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Empower Kobe with Sport Industry!

On September 28, 2017, The Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) established the Sport Industry Network in KOBE, an industry-academia collaboration organization committed to promoting the sport industry in Kobe.

Message from the Chairman

KCCI has found its opportunity in the sport industry. We believe the market will expand with the Golden Sport Years as a trigger. We founded the Sport Industry Network in KOBE, an industry-academia collaboration organization on September 28, 2017, aiming to stimulate the Kobe economy and advance the Kobe city brand through the promotion of our sport industry. Those involved with the sport industry, no matter what sport(s), are now working together, planning for upcoming projects, and advocating on their behalf. Discussion and events bring the members together. We seek your help and look forward to having you join us for the betterment of the community.

Sport Industry Network in KOBE

Oyama Motoi

About us

Date of establishment: September 28, 2017
Mission: Stimulate the economy in Kobe and improve the Kobe city brand through promotion of its sport industry
Goal: “Expand the market of the Kobe sport industry”
“Put Kobe on the map as a sport city”

Our objectives

  • Create concrete business opportunities, including product development and corporate collaboration
  • Start operating in the sport industry field
  • Increase sport participation rate up to at least once-a-week for employees of city member companies in Kobe
Organizational structure: Chairman:
OYAMA Motoi, Vice Chairperson, KCCI
Chairman and Director, ASICS Corporation
Executive Director: YAMAGUCHI Yasuo, Ph.D., Honorary Professor, Kobe University
Yamaguchi Yasuo

■Five intellectuals

Ito Katsuhiro

ITO Katsuhiro,

Ph. D., Professor, School of Economics and Management, University of Hyogo

Takami Akira


Professor, School of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration, Kansai University of International Studies

Hayashi Naoya


Professor, School of Human Welfare Studies, Department of Social Organization Development, Kwansei Gakuin University

Sakamoto Yoshiko


Associate Professor, Faculty of Health and Welfare, Department of Health, Sport and Nutrition, Kobe Women’s University

Yamaguchi Shiro


Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Department of Human Health and Wellbeing, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences

■Six companies

Manufacturers: ASICS Corporation, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.
Facility management: THE KOIZUMI JUTE MILLS LTD., Southern Mall Rokko Inc.
Tourism: Kobe office, JTB Corp.
Participants: 104 companies and organizations as of April 2023
Administrative office: Industry Division, KCCI

About our Logo


Deliver “the new excitement of sport” from Kobe.


Selected three signature colors of Kobe.


The image represents a person, Kobe Port Tower, and “S” shape that stands for Sport.

  • The idea for the logo comes from “person” in the sport field and symbolizes it with a bird’s eye view of Kobe.
  • In the central area, the symbolic “Kobe Port Tower” appears as an icon for delivering new ideas and information from Kobe.
  • Two people shaped as the letter “S” delivers the impression with style.
  • The design with depth represents the bright future of the sport industry.


What we do

  • Organize special public workshops and regular meetings
  • Host business networking seminars for health management and the sport industry field
  • Manage substantial sport projects aimed at promoting sport tourism and increasing the rate of sport participation
  • Conduct fact-finding surveys on sport participation rates and active living
  • Organize projects related to the promotion of the sport industry in Kobe

Contact us

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